Advice Contest Rules

20 Dec

Thank you for submitting your advice for the Go Get IT Girl readers!

What is your advice for goal-setters seeking to go after their dreams in 2010?

Contest Rules:

  1. Posts must make sense. Please give advice that the average person will comprehend. If I read it and can’t understand then more than likely others won’t either.
  2. Please only one post per person, so make your one post good!
  3. All advice must be  posted in the comments section by Dec. 23rd. Responses must go on the “What are you going after in 2010?” blog. Any responses posted to the rules section will be disqualified.
  4. Winner will be randomly selected.  Names in a hat… you know the odds.
  5. Winner will be announced on Dec. 24th. Winner must respond with their contact information by Jan. 5th.

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